Blackboard based condition doesn't work. How to solve it?

Hey Guys! I have a little problem and after trying to solve it in many ways and I still don’t know what should i do.
So I’m creating an AI which walks between vectors and i want him to escape after having a conversation with player to a specific vector.

This AI has a boolean variable which changes during the conversation (1 photo emphasized with red line)
And I want it to be a condition in my blackboard based condition (2 photo)
I set up a variable in blackboard (3 photo)
And also I set it in AI Controller (4 photo)

Behaviour tree reads all variables (like vectors) from AI but it can’t read this one.
I even created custom event inside this AI Controller where this boolean is a condition and it works perfectly fine (5 photo)

If you have any ideas then please let me know :slight_smile: