Black thin border in all objects in the editor and viewport in 4.25 and 4.26 only

Hello. Ever since I installed ue 4.25 and 4.26, there is a black edge around all meshes, material preview sphere and any other content in the editor and everything in the viewport as well. This happens only in these 2 versions, in fresh empty scenes. If I run 4.23 (and pretty sure 4.24 too) this is not happening and everything looks as clean and smooth as usual. I have Win10 64 and GTX 1070. Drivers are up to date. Attached are examples of this issue, the brighter is 4.26 with the issue, the darker one is 4.23. Is there some configuration I should do to get rid of this issue? Or maybe some possible cause to start digging around that. Thanks!

I’m not seeing what you’re talking about, I don’t see a black edge around anything

I attach a zoomed one, you can see the black edges, I really don’t know what’s the proper name, some antialias thing, that is not seen in the other image taken from ue4 4.23 or 4.24.

If you zoom in the material sphere as well, you can clearly see the round edge around the sphere that contrasts with the gray blackground. You don’t see this hard edge in the image in the first post where everything is seen smooth.

I wouldn’t have a problem if this happens just as a visual issue in the editor. the problem is that in the rendered image I can still see all this artifacts, while in the old ue4 versoins I don’t see them.

I’m still not seeing a black edge, maybe there’s a slight chromatic aberation there, which would just be in your post process settings.