Black screen when running my project in a virtual mode

AA people,

Hope you’re doing fine,

When I run my project using VR mode in Unreal Engine it shows me a black screen rather than the double screen ( That supposed to be the oculus view). The oculus is already setup in my computer ( laptop Razer blade pro) and when I run its Demo it works fine and I can see the double screen view. I searched for some solutions in the internet (specially here in the forum) and also triple checked oculus settings with unreal engine but no positive progress regarding this issue. In addition to that, I’m working on UE 4.10 and oculus runtime 7.0.

I tried to export my project as a game and run it using VR desktop software, yes it showed the screen, but a normal one not the one of the VR mode!

Any one can help, I’m a surrender :confused:

Ready for any further questions.