Black screen if app loses focus.

I can’t tell if this is new with my updating to 4.11, I haven’t really been minimizing it a lot during testing. When I switch to, say a text message, when I come back the screen is all black but still playing. I can hear the game working when I touch the screen via the sound effects I would expect from touching that area of the screen. Has anyone else noticed this issue or is it just my game?

Confirmed, booted up an old 4.10 version and it switches over fine, opened that version in 4.11 and re-compiled and it does not allow minimizing and coming back on my droid.

Hah! I’ve been having this issue for ages, but no one ever answered my questions. Except with me it always did it this in 4.10, and after updating to 4.11 Preview 6, instead of the screen going black, it would just reset the game… Not sure if that’s an improvement. I always assumed it was my phone. The Motorola Moto E. Oh, I even downloaded Tappy Chicken and Unreal Match 3, and they both did it too. I hope this can get addressed, can’t really release a game if it’s doing that…

Hi Sadonis,

Yes, this started happening with the latest GearVR SDK integrations into 4.11 and is being tracks as UE-27287 (Re-opening apps to a black screen on Android). I’m testing a fix at the moment.

You are just the best Mr. Babcock.