Black lines in edges = Total headache

Hi folks, I would like to know what Epic thinks about the black lines on the edges of the walls. I have read some “solutions” such as adding a chamfer to all the edges of the wall, or doing a watertight modeling (that is really difficult in large projects), you also have to prevent the walls and ceilings from intersecting.
I have also read that I must adjust the islands well in the lightmap.

All these solutions are too meticulous and are not valid for all situations.

Some clients bring me their Revit models and it is impossible to apply these solutions because Revit geometry is disastrous.

When you receive a building with many houses made in Revit (or even in 3DsMax with intersected walls and ceilings), you cannot repair the geometry one by one… it would be insane.
I think there must be some options in the world setting or in Baselightmass to reduce the escape of light and shadow through the corners. Solution can’t be watertight modeling because there is not many architecture studios working on this mode.

I never received a clean modeling. I always had to remodel small spaces (interiors), but I cannot remodel or clean complex shapes made with other programs. There must be another solution.

Lightmaps will always have an issue with that, the only way to truly avoid it without any extra work is to not use lightmapping, but instead do something like real-time raytracing, if that works for your purposes if you’re just rendering images.

4.23 fixed some of the padding issues with lightmass.

Still won’t fix every black edge problem.