Black Jack in the Marketplace means gambling is allowed?

Hello Epic!

I saw some “Black Jack” game example in Marketplace today.

So, is some gambling still allowed?

Hi Redbox,

The stipulation about UE4 not being used for gambling was in reference to using actual money.

The Black Jack game will not be using player’s real money.

-Max B.

There’s no issue having a Blackjack or other card game, or having a slot machine mechanic in a game, for example. The prohibition in the EULA is on “any gambling-related activities or Products” i.e. where the game involves a chance of winning money or betting.

So, it like in Japan casino - you can use slugs unstead of real money, and change it to real money anytime?

I think you’re talking about Patchinko, but I’m not sure I understand your question.