Black Highres Splotches On Lightmaps

This is one house from more in the city. In render all looks good except two variants. I isolated on in picture to show the problem.

I have tried render it alone in another empty scene and then it seems to work as expected.

I also just rendererd it alone in scene with problem but hidden everything else in sublevels and only render that house with lights. Then it do exist again
I have:

  1. Increased the lighmap even 4096 dont slove it.
  2. use high precision tagnetn basis** ticked on**
  3. use full precision UVs ticked on
  4. Distance Field Resolution** Scale set to 0**
  5. Tested with default material and still same result
  6. Tried render it production settings, and same result.
  7. I have LightmassImportanceVolume with default settings.

Im thinking it might be some probleme with scene maby? Everything else works fine! Even the house standing next to it.

Im out of ideas, anyone had similar experience or have some suggestions? :slight_smile: