Black flickering stripes on wall at closer distance

I created model in maya and imported it into UE.
Do someone know why im getting these black flickering stripes/triangles or what is it from closer distance? It appears only on this side of model. I tried once to increase lightmap to maximum (2048) however nothing has changed. I dont get this behavior in static mesh editor, only in game. Whole model is 1 piece.
Thanks for help.

You have two poly faces occupying the same space.

Hi bruno, thanks for answer however this isnt issue. I tried to delete just one face (1-click with camera selection on) and as you can see, there is no second wall :confused: i created this wall very simply, i created cube and then another cube and only “subtracted” smaller cube from bigger. So its very basic mesh, other columns and roof i added later but not changed anything with basic walls…

Solved. I really dont know what caused this but i did 2 things:

  1. i cut every problematic wall face from 1 to 3 pieces
  2. i imported this mesh with bigger scale (first i used 10, then 30)
    so something from this may help

Oh I’ve heard about this before, if you import a mesh too small in scale it may cause lightmass issues;
Never happened to me, but I see people commenting about this.

hi my image seems black all over I’m a newbie to Twinmotion so not sure what im doing wrong please assist…