Black Area Mesh_ ArchVIZ


I started my first project in UE4. Everything is aspirated at Bernando Bader_Wooden House project.


  • I made all the architectural elements in Autocad (I will add furniture and other stuff in 3DS Max later)

  • I imported the model in 3DS

  • I made the UVMaps in the channel 2 using the plugin “SteamRoller”

  • I Exported in FBX using "FBX Export Plugin“

  • I Imported the FBX into UE4 “Generate Lightmap UVs”

Is this Workflow good?

Now… When I visualise the preview of the scene it looks quite good but when I build the light maps all the scene/mesh look dark.

What I have to do? Maybe I made some error on Modeling/import process

Attached the Max file, maybe someone can check the model:

Many thanks


Attached the scene before and after building the light:

You need to increase the lightmap resolution on those meshes