Big landscape and moveble little mask

Hello peaple.
I need make simple at first look task.I have big landscape and i wana make mask for diferent materials.

The problems is:
i cant tile mask like texture of ground like on image below.
and i cant add it without tiles bcose i lose the resolution of thr mask.
(potencialy i need to move this mask in world cordinats)

w8ting for any help

Hi Specialnick,

Please have a look here for more information on landscape visibility masks (holes). Try putting the hole material in your original landscape material, not in a separate one.

Have a nice day!

I dont need "holes"in the landscape.i need mask for another purposers.
a want have mask in landscape matrial what folow car for example like in world cords…
I have made 3 demensional world cordinate mask in “dirty way” this is temperal solutin so i w8 solution from some one.
hare i can even cut holes in any materials.