Beyondless Recruiting New Team

Project Title:

Description: its an action adventure third person shooter set in virginia, it includes and story mode singleplayer, multiplayer and intesne pvp modes.

Tense PvP Modes.
Unique open world multi-player.
First and third person view point.

Team Name:

Team Structure:
Callum Hughes (Project Director & Level Designer)
Project Managment 1 Year & Level Design - 3 years.

Talent Required:
3D Artist (3)
Ability to work under pressure.
Experience with UE4 toolset.
Expected to create building props & environmental assets.

3D Character Artist (2)
Experience with Maya required.
Experience with UE4 toolset if possible.
Expected to create & texture players.
Also Expected to rig & animate.

Programmer (2)
Experience with UE4.
Experience with vehicle programming.
Expected to have knowledge with C++, C# and Java.

Programmer UI & Netcode (1)
Also have experience with UE4.
Experience in programming UI & Netcode.
Also Expected to have good knowlegde in C++, C# and Java.

Sound Artist (2)
Have Experience with Wwise.
Also Experience with UE4 Toolkit.
Be able to produce sound files for game audio.
Expected to produce under pressure.

Concept Artist (1)
Experience with illustration.
Ability to visualise perspective and 3-dimensional space.
Ability to visually interpret other people’s ideas.

Level Designer (1)
Experience with UE4.
Expected to produce level’s on time with the other level designers.
Expected to be able to communicate with the lead designers.

For Callum Hughes:
Discord: Jaxsi#3038
Or contact me on here.