BEWARE... the MARKETPLACE is a miserable BULLY!

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So you were told what to fix, decided not to fix it, acted like a total ■■■ and think a private company needs to do what you tell them? Also, they can delete this thread if they want, they own the servers and the website, they have every right to delete it.
My advice is to fix your attitude.


I’m not following why you are in the right.

FTI, things in your post that resonated with me and I found persuasive:

“You should use Class Blueprints not Level Blueprints.” [That’s a pretty basic truth in UE4 development.]
“Blueprint products need to have more functionality than what can be found in a few simple YouTube tutorials.” [I totally agree with that.]

Things that did not resonate with me – maybe there’s more to the story, but based on the info you gave, I struggled to agree with these points:

“This is a complex Elevator and Class blueprints are not suitable at all.” [That makes no sense. Complex code should be in class blueprints, not level blueprints. If there’s a logical point here, you should probably explain it better.]

“Dude, don’t ever look down at my work.” [The fact that you take offense by his comments doesn’t mean he’s wrong.]

“I doubt you can come up with a single functional level.” [Personal attacks don’t really advance the argument.]

I’m open to hearing that the team is being an unreasonable bully, but I’m not seeing it based on what you posted.

Good luck, though.


there is no open source rules on any platform i think
and i think the problem is very simple.

Imagine a standard straight line, and think “that” part of the line slides down or something like angled.

they’re trying to tell you “that” your line is angled

As a frequent customer and buyer of Blueprint Assets, I would be infuriated to purchase a BP asset with all the primary functionality isolated in a level blueprint and not in portable class blueprint that can be instanced.

I’m very glad the MP is curated. The MP has 1000s of high quality Blueprint packages so Im confident Quality Control is protecting its customers and yourself from ruining your product review/reputation.

If you dont want to lock yourself out of future opportunity to offer products in the marketplace, remove all your negative post/attitude, fix your product, and resubmit. Perhaps the damage is done and It may be too late.

Hey, we always welcome feedback regarding anything Unreal Engine, our products, and our processes, but it should be delivered in a constructive and professional manner, according to both the Forum and Marketplace Guidelines.

To your note about your previous topic being deleted, I had moved that to the Creator’s Hub where discussions regarding MP sellers typically take place, but I did not realize you weren’t in that section. I apologize for not double checking prior to relocating that and causing a misunderstanding.

We’ll leave the message here, but as we feel a productive conversation will not result from this topic remaining open, we will be closing this topic.

Thanks all.

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