Better VSCode support

I really enjoy how fast and lightweight VScode is compared to a bit fat and bloated full Visual Studio, so I am happy that UE4 has added VSCode support, but unfortunately pretty much every other UE4 release breaks the VSCode support in one way or the other. It’s never ending cycle, with the latest flavor being defines not being generated properly:…tures/17467871

I’ve stumbled upon this amazing post from a random guy on AnswerHub, which sums up a few simple steps that would radically improve and at the same simply the state of VSCode projects generated by UE4:…ngesfixes.html

Unfortunately the poor guy posted it on AnswerHub, which is more often than not completely dead, so such a thorough post received no attention. I think it’s definitely worth reposting it here to raise awareness. I think that if the steps he proposes are taken, it can aid to mitigate this never ending cycle of breaking VSCode support every other release :slight_smile: