Better or improve documentation

Hi Epic, and forum users, I was looking the UE4 doccumentation and I saw some things that i want to ask and comment (Right now I can’t buy the new version but in the future when the engine have more updates and features I will)

  1. You need to specify (in the doccumenttion) if Max bipeds and CAT rigs works whit FBX/UE4 because in the screenshots we see dummies but we don’t know what alternative type of bone systems works well. if not, could you release a rigg tool like maya’s but for 3dsmax? it wolud be nice.
  2. Other topic is about the blueprints for character control and animation, is there something like BlendByPhysics node? (that workd like in UDK) needs it C++ code? for example I don’t know how to make the character grab on a ledge, slide, etc like in Tomb Raider using blueprints. You can give an example in doccumentation or make a platformer pack example for UE4.
  3. Can staticmeshes became destructible whitout using Apex in UE4? (like in the staticmesh editor in UE3)
  4. I don’t know if users can submit content to the marketplace? it could be nice for new users that are starting in this world of game development.
  5. There will be a UDK/Free version of UE4? (the price is ok, is not very expensive if someone want to download 1 time and don’t update the engine until release a big update) but perhaps some students and people that only want to learn don’t have enough money.
  6. I don’t understand (reading doccumentation) how to create a completelly new game that won’t be a FPS or something like that.
  7. Will UE4 have support for FaceFX? (I have read that not, if this is true I think this is a big mistake because morph targets haven’t the same power that FaceFX has for lipsinc).
  8. Will UE4 have support for SpeedTree?
  9. How to make a HUD and/or Main Menu in UE4 using flash and scaleform?
  10. Has UE4 support for Bink video or something alternative?

Of course not all are confusion I specially like the new features like:

The new support for .DDS textures (I wonder if they can be used as character, world, etc textures too, and not only like a cubemap reflection) because this format is very very light and full of detail.
The new features of rendering (levels look really well like a realife photo)
the new interface very beautiful (in a world where Win8 is horrible, and tablets have ruin graphic desing and GUI aesthetics)
The new material properties like metal rougness, etc. the most photo realistic.

Thnaks for reading and congratulations for the new engine (still needing fixings)

Also like to see more tutorials like climb on the ledge, slide, dash, double jump, etc. …

I also have this doubt.

I think this will come in the coming months, but would like the EPIC make available documentation to see what will be required to publish on Marketplace.

Also miss tutorials that teach how to create games on other styles (such as sidescroller, tps, rts, etc …)

I know the Unreal, delivering a GUI system called Slate, but lacking documentation associated with this component.
I hope the next updates will support native Scaleform.

Scaleform is owned by Autodesk now, so you’d need a second license to use it from them, (if it’s ever implemented into UE4)
Far too complicated if you ask me!
There’re other game templates too, not just FPS or TPS, and you can use a blank template and write what code you like! It’s only your knowledge that’s the limitation, and you can’t expect the docs to cover everything because it would take a hundred years to read through it all. :cool:

Yes, they miss a lot of documentation, but we hope in new updates they complete missing information.

And we don’t need tutorials of a completelly game, only how to start a new game different as FPS like Weskey said: Platformer, sidescroller, etc (important how to make the character grabs on a ledge or swim, etc)

I hope Autodesk doesn’t have problem if UE4 comes whit Scaleform integration like UDK (Autodesk is friendly whith students so i think they will not have problem)

This seems like the appropriate thread to make this note in:

It is not documented in either AActor::Tick or AActor::ReceiveTick that a variable needs to be set for these to ever be called. Very confusing.

Yes that’s what I meant, do not need a full tutorial, but just a kick-start on how to make a sidescroller, or tps, rts, game etc. …