Best why to Set up a Hit System?

Here is a Screen Shot of my Object…


What i’am trying to do is make it so that when a Projectile Hits the Walls it will Bounce but when it hits the Box it will Explode?
I know i’am suppose to use a Event Hit node. i just don’t know how separate the actions.

Any Advice or Know How on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

The best way is to use Line Trace. Maybe for objects or something.
Also you can create new collision types in your configs.

You could just add a tag to the box you want to hit, give it a name something like BoxTag and then on your hit event check if the hit actor has tag of “BoxTag” and if it does then explode.

You have to learn about the physics engine and its collision channels.
If both the box and the walls are the same blueprint, you have to setup composite physics bodies for this to work the way you want, each with different collision channels or different phx materials.