Best way widgets or pawns?

I want to make a simple game. The concept is shown but I need to know if i can use Widgets or I need to use pawns. Also can you explain the easiest way to implement this?

hi @npnFF1517

create an actor, A
inside “enable input” for " player controller 0", Enable Input | Unreal Engine Documentation
add a cube , with collisions to block all
add keyboard event like A. add actor local location +5,0,0 D add actor local location -5,0,0
add a hit event, pin out the “other” and add a destroy actor.
Event Hit | Unreal Engine Documentation

Create an actor B with a sphere with collision to block all
in the tick event add local location 0,0,-10

in the level place a camera,
and in the levelblueprint, grab the camera and “set target view with blend” for player 0
in the level place 1 actor A, and many actor B upon him at various distance
be sure to orient camera and actors