Best way to Use Source Control (Visual Studio Online)

Hey Guys

I’m playing around with the Visual Studio Online Source control method, but everytime I Add either the Solution Or the Project to the source control it seems to screw up everything. It identifies the Intermediate folder as the main source code folder, the Unreal Build Tool, Distil, etc. also gets added to the source control and in general it’s just a mess.

What would be the easiest way to implement it ? Either VSO or Git ?


Bump. Anybody ?? Devs ??

In Open Tournament, we are actually pretty fine. We are using SVN for the Binaries, Config, and Content folders, plus the project file in root. And then we use GIT only for the Source folder. Its working flawless at the moment

Maybe I’ll give Git a chance because VSO isn’t working for me. I wished it did, because it works nicely within VS. :frowning: