Best way to store Scene capture 2d render targets for use in new level on packaged build

I am using the Scene Capture 2d to “take a picture” when the player makes changes to their different characters. I am using a UMG widget to display the updated “photo” of that character. Each character has their own render target. When the player is done customizing their characters they would load the playable level. In that level a UMG widget displays the available characters with their customized “photo”.

All this works perfectly in the Editor. When the game is packaged all the render targets are black in the playable level.

From the research I have done it looks like this is because the editor stores the render target information between levels. The packaged game does not.

What is the best method of saving this information between levels? Can I use a Game Instance, a Save Game Slot somehow or is writing the texture to a file the only way?

As a temporary work around I am quickly spawning, capturing and destroying all of the characters on level load but that seems way too inefficient. I’m hesitant to use the write to file in case users have different hard drive configurations or I have no control of where the game gets stored.

Any thoughts?