Best way to set an actor a relative distance to another

I’ve given up on UMG because it’s ugly. Well, for me anyway. I am having my HUD now as a flexible series of meshes and materials and it all works pretty well

Except… So the way I “place” it on the screen is by constantly updating it to be exactly in front of the camera. This mostly works but it’s jittery from time to time, like it’s not quite keeping up

I wondered if the order within the frame of grabbing the location of the camera and setting this object to be in front of it, conflicts with the camera moving itself, and if the object updates location THEN the camera does, then the frame is drawn, the object will be a frame behind and give this jolting effect which is quite distracting.

I tried to make all of this a part of the camera manager itself but it was like the camera manager wouldn’t let me use it to add components to itself

The problem is a bit hard to visualise without playing it so sorry I can’t help you there.

Originally the actor was grabbing the cameras location but I changed it so that at the end of the “BP Update Camera” call in the CameraManager it calls a function on the HUD Actor to update it’s location, I was hoping to deal with the order of operation problem (which I had decided was the problem) but this didn’t entirely fix it