Best way to play a "one-off" animation?


What would be the best way to play one off-animations such as fire recoils or hurt animations in AnimBlueprint?
I’ve tried making specific states for it but it doesn’t work very efficiently or as tight as I would like, as they are really “states” but more like an instant thing that just happens once.

I would also like to hook these things up so they play according to fire rate/per hit. So the recoil animation would restart for every bullet fired for example.

I found in a UE4-stream from Epic that they do these things in code in Fortnite (at least when that video was made), does anyone know if these are possible in AnimBlueprint?


Shameful bump: I feel this is a problem more people should have run into? Or is the question very silly perhaps? :smiley:

i am looking for the same answer mate dont you worry. i heard theres a on animation end feature?.. but not sure at all

Turn loop of on the animation settings/sequence, like you can do for particle effects.