Best way to migrate from a custom version *back* to a point release version?

A while back (4.13) I took the small game I’m working on and branched it off to a custom version so I could create a new blueprint node I needed that didn’t exist already. I’m not a programmer, but I found an example of what I needed in code online and was able to figure out how to incorporate it into my game.

I stopped working on my project for half a year and now I’d like to come back to it. The problem is that I can’t use anything I’ve purchased off the Marketplace as it won’t let me add it to a project with a version of “Other”. I decided I can live without the custom blueprint node for the time being (it was just something to allow me to set the volume for a sound class so I could adjust sound volumes via the menu). I’d also like to get my project back on the current point release of the engine. I have no idea the best way to do that, however.

Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions as to the best way to migrate back to the main version of the engine? I’ve deleted the in-game usages of the custom blueprint node, so the only stuff in my game is all content-related, not code.

Order of operation error, I guess. Next time I’ll test a solution and then ask for help. Launching the new 4.16 editor allowed me to open my existing project as a copy and that seems to have worked just fine.

At least this question/answer will exist if somebody else searches in the future. :slight_smile: