Best way to make realistic weapons

Hey guys , i would like to know if it’s better to spawn a projectile or just using particles/ray effects when you’re firing with a weapon :
From an optimization point of view ?
Visual effect point of view ?
Ballistic point of view ?

um, a mixture of both seems to work well. not 100% on the full optimization aspects, but for all else. Reasons I say is when you spawn a projectile you can use the projectile system to really control the movement of the “ammo” to say. You get some really handy setting for velocity, arch, gravitational pull, deceleration, etc. Then you can tack on a particle to really give you what you want visually, and control that separate so you can create a projectile that has a wide variety of effects, including tracer aspects, etc. Also get some good collision management with the projectile, along with damage, damage types, and force aspects.