Best way to maintain a shared material library in the workplace?

Hello- at my work we’ve recently taken the jump to start using UE4. We’re an archviz company and previously our content was made with Vray in 3DsMax.

Right now, our pipeline is to take our Max projects and use datasmith to port them over to UE4, and while that mostly works, we are finding that some of the materials it translates from Vray are sub-optimal.

I would like to make a library of common materials we might use (concrete, drywall, metals, etc), that can quickly replace the faulty datasmith-made materials. What would be the best method for importing these materials into new scenes? I had planned on just having a “Material Library” project that I could migrate from, but that transfers far more content than is necessary. Ideally I’d like to selectively import a single material at a time.

Is there a simple way to do this?

Hi Hypersapien, I too am looking to do the exact same thing, and I have yet to find an easy way. So far I’ve seen only basic info on team sharing resources like SVN or Perforce but nothing specific on easily maintaining and sharing a common shader library. I come from using VRay and Max too, so I’m used that workflow. Anybody have any ideas? Is this the right place to post tis question?