Best way to light?

I have a map which is 9 city blocks arranged in a 3x3 grid. This works out to be about 3/8 of mile on each side. The player area is the center block while the surrounding blocks are for eye candy. The scene is a neglected industrial/inner city motif, so there’s a mix of old buildings and foliage. My question is how to light this efficiently? Everything is static meshes including the terrain. This is intended to be a multiplayer map, so there could be up to 32 players in this running around. Currently, I’m using lightmaps. But I’m running into trouble with the foliage complaining about the lightmaps being too big. I’d love to use dynamic lighting, but I’m not sure of how much of a burden that would place on the rendering with a level this size. Suggestions?

I’ll need a few more details before I can give a good estimate.

What time of Day will it be? Night? Day?
How many lights will there be? Are Streetlights Going to be Lit?

If it’s a day time level it’s won’t be too heavy to do, for the most part, you’d really only need a Directional Light and a Sky Light, and that’s not too heavy.

Daytime level and mostly exterior. But there are some interior areas. The number of point lights is around 100. The point lights are all for interior lighting.

One other question: I’ve noticed that foliage which is sitting inside shadowed areas are still at full brightness. Is this normal?