Best way to handle movements physics or not?

Hi everyone,

I’m playing around a bit with Unreal to decide which approach to take during the development.
Currently i’m trying the character movement system and i’m a bit undecided on what to do.

Honestly i was thinking about doing the vast majority of the game mechanics without relying on physics (coming from an engine w/o physics i’m not used to it)
by manually working with the character transform component,but then it will be hard to switch between manual and physics
driven movements when falling from something,getting hit by something etc.

I’ve tried to manage movements by using the “Launch character” method but the character,due to physics,slow down on uphill and is hardly manageable (probably will drift in turns too).

I’ve trying with the common “Add movement input” method and it seems to have nice results while being on the ground but
it seems not suited for actions like ‘jumping down from a wall’ or those things.
Is it a common procedure to manually switch between “Movement Modes” (flying,falling,walking)? Probably it would be the best solution since it’s already there…

So,i’d just like to hear what are the best/most used approach to use in order to handle movements.
Ps: The game style is sort of a first person fighting game with few basic parkour elements.

Thanks in advance!