Best way to go about hair and cloth physics


Last time I tried cloth physics it took 3 weeks for me and the modeller to fix it. So I’ve been turned off by it for a while, but now I want to attempt it again.

Also recently I’ve been using more Mixamo characters for prototyping.

So I was wondering if it’s a good idea to commission someone to make me tons of hair, capes, and skirt meshes and paint them to either the Unreal Skeleton or the Mixamo skeleton. Then I import and attach to a socket or just parent it and it will look okay. That way I can make tons of Mixamo Fuse prototypes (make them bald with nothing but underwear) then attach swaying hair and cloaks and skirts on them? Will that work? If it does then “hair and skirts” can be sold on the asset store with only material slots and I can import my own textures.

Or is that a bad idea and we have to design the hair and clothes specifically when modelling a specific character only?