Best Way to do Remote Modelling on a Laptop?

I’m just getting starting with Unreal, but I have a day job and don’t have a lot of spare time. So I’d like be able to start modeling scenes using my laptop in my living room so I can model while watching TV, etc. My laptop’s probably too underpowered to run Unreal Studio (it’s a Windows 7 machine with an i3 and 4GB RAM and not much of a GPU), but I do have a powerful desktop dev machine in another room running Win 8.1 Home Premium (so no Remote Desktop Server, alas). What do you think would be the best way to do modelling on my laptop:

  • Use the laptop as a remote desktop from the dev machine using VNC or something else like that?
  • Use Blender or some other lighter-weight modelling program on the laptop, then eventually port it into Unreal?
  • Try to run Unreal Studio on the laptop anyway?
  • Something else?

I really appreciate any help or advice you can give me on this. Thanks!


You should always do your modeling on a program such as blender anyway, so I would go with that.

Things like VNC would probably be too laggy to work well imo.

Use your preferred modeling program to do your static meshes and characters. (Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Etc;)
In some cases you can model large portions of a scene in one of these programs and bring it over to UE4.
I’ve used Maya on much less then an i3 with 4GB of RAM lol That is MODELING though, not Rendering. So you can create assets for UE4 and just do the UE4 portion on the desktop later.

Have a look at it’s a pretty comprehensive online modeller that simply works through your browser. As long as you have a decent internet connection you should be able to use it on your laptop. :slight_smile: