Best way to do materials for FPS with Substance

I’m making a high intensive FPS game.I plan to have different game-play modes, with maps rangine from 1km sqaured all the way 64 km sqaured, and 1 map with 90km squared, the games will range from 16-70 players depending on map size, with the max being 100 players.

I might mention there will be a fully destructible environment, so having a different material for broken parts, such as concrete, would be a lot lighter, and a lot more ‘rocky’ than the shell/outside.

So whats the best way to do textures with the best optimization is mind? texture atlases? Procedural textures? Keep in mind there will be a LOT of materials, with many different types of assets.

Also how many materials should I limit my-self to?

FYI, I’m using substance painter/designer, Blender, Zbrush, photshop, ect.

Thanks, cheers. :slight_smile:

Atlases are best thing to do. And tileables, for sharing between more than one asset. You can use vertex painting too, instead of having unique diffuse bakes. As long as you create master materials and use material instances and apply those instances to your meshes you wouldn’t really need too many materials.

How could I do atlases as Unity is so much easier… Also what do you mean tileables, as that could mean 200 different things. Also I’ve heard vertex painting isn’t really optimized…

Can someone help me?