Best way to create popping up "info panel" when interacting or looking something

Hey! I have been thinking best way to solve this but don’t really know what would be the way to do it.

Basically lets say we have this kind of situation. The person is looking something and the information should come out. Here is the basic scenario. Text will pop up top of the mesh and says “plate”.

What i would want to do is that there should be some straight line that is slowly coming to visible from bottom to top. Something like picture in below shows, but a 3D of course and the text should be changeable like previously.

Any ideas what would be best way to do it?

You can use the node “DrawDebugLine” and do this:

Make two targets (they could be everything you choose) where “boxA” is on position where the plate is and “boxB” is on position where you want it. The “text” will be the target for draw debug line. You can get the world positions of the three targets and set the world position of the “text” target with interpolation between “boxA” and “boxB”. On the “DrawDebugLine” node the “LineStart” input should be the position of “boxA” and “LineEnd” will be the position of the “text” target. Use event tick to draw the line in real time.
There is anyway a few problems with this workflow - you cannot get glow on the line and you cannot setup a opacity on the line. There is surely other workflows that could work. :slight_smile: If you cannot follow me I can provide some simple blueprint SS if you want. Good luck.