Best way to create floating islands?


we would like to create a level full of floating islands. (8x8 KM) 14 - 20 islands of different shape.

It is a very difficult process with the landscape tool in UE4. And for now we work with meshes for the bottom and landscape on the top.

Do you know a better and performant solution?


last try… no ideas… anyone? Please! :smiley:

Can’t you just import in the geometry?

Also, this may be something you’re interested in:

Thanks for your reply.

You mean a complete mesh with top and bottom? This way we could not use the landscape tool and therefore the landscape materials.
But i think this would be the more performant solution.

But how to create the geometry and textures ist the next problem. World creator does not support floating islands. :smiley:

i think you mean this :smiley:


Not aware that UE4 supports any kind of runtime changes to a Landscape especially movement.
If I was trying this myself I’d look into procedural meshes and create a mesh terrain substitute.
Then stick the whole lot into a Physics Volume and prod it gently by adding slight velocities…