Best way to create an actor package that can be used in multiple projects and updated independently

i want to create a blueprint actor that i can use in multiple projects. i want to be able to update the package separately from the projects its being used in. the actor will use actor components as well that need to be a part of the package. i would like for it to automatically update in projects.

Some form of **Source-Control **is made for this / probably the best answer.
But you can use the Migrate Content-Browser feature to do it manually too…

You could publish your project to the marketplace… you’ll automatically own it and will be able to add to any project and update it at will.

At the same time, if you ever add something from one project to another in the same engine version you can always override the files. The difficulties come when the master is a version behind. You have to update the master to whatevet version of the engine before you can copy it over successfully.