Best way to create a blocking volume for Teleport

I am using the below BP for teleport. The only problem is that I am able to port anywhere with this system. Top of buildings beyond the level bounds. I have an invisible wall to blockalldynamic but still able to port up the wall. So I was wondering what would be the best way to create some kind of blocking volume for this teleport so I can’t go out of bounds?




Look at the VR Template for 4.13.
In it, you can teleport only within an area defined by a navmesh.

I can’t figure out where those rules are in that BP that lets you teleport only within an area defined by a navmesh and I can’t copy it as it is not compatible with my pawn.

Does anyone know how unreal got their teleport system to only work within a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume? Can you point me to that part of the BP because I can’t find it?