Best way to convert old levels to UE5 and Lumen

Just to experiment I’ve tried converting some marketplace maps to UE5/lumen to see how they look and I’m not sure I’m catching everything that needs changing. I think I’ve hit all the global illumination and ray tracing stuff in the project config but when I run the maps I still see some artifacts and lack of light/color spill from bright lights.

For example in the Modern City Downtown with Interiors Megapack (Modular Urban Buildings) in Environments - UE Marketplace pack, after I get done converting everything the “night” map still has a lot of weird flickering on the ceiling of the burger restaurant. Not sure if this is because there are so many lights in there or if I’ve missed something and it’s not fully using Lumen.
Lighting seems to behave much better in maps I’ve made in UE5 myself than in older maps I’ve tried to convert.

Is there a good guide for how to convert old maps over to Lumen for testing?

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