Best way to communicate between blueprints?

Create a “select_manager” blueprint which all the other blueprints are talking to that via a “Costume_Event”.
For blueprint communication methods have look to this tutorial.

Hello everybody!
I will try to explain my “problem”.
First I’ll describe what I have and after, what I want to do.

  • I have a mesh in a blueprint
  • The mesh have a mouse click event
  • When I click on my blueprint mesh (on running simulation), the texture of my mesh change. (object selected)
  • If I click again on the mesh, the texture come back has the original. (object deselected)

That’s work perfectly. It’s like a object selection.

Now, what I want to do is to put many bp_meshs on my game and when I click on any mesh, all the others are deselected.

Then my question come, what’s the best way to do this? I add a constraint, I want that my bp_mesh is standalone. I don’t want to use “level blueprint” to do a “for each loop” on all bp_mesh of my level.

Is it feasable? Must I use dispatch event?

Thanks you.

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

I already seen this tutorial but if I create a bp “select_manager” and if I want to distribute my bp_mesh the “select_manager” must be attached my bp_mesh then, is not really standalone…right?

You don’t need to attach them to select_manager. Use the “Get_All_Actors_Of_Class” function to find all “bp_mesh” blueprint. It outputs an array of all “bp_mesh”. Then you could simply communicate with all through their Costume_Event. I used such a method to access more than 150 blueprint, which they all have to do some process as well.

Ok, I understand. I will try to do this.

Thanks you very much!

Well, I managed to do what I wanted.

Video solution

(No sound but maybe later some subtitles)