Best way for particle optimization

Hey all,

I’m a starter to the gaming industry and require some knowledge on some specifics when it comes to particle optimization.

I’ve been working on a particle system that creates floating dust inside a room. However, there are several rooms in differend sizes.
These particle systems work with an intitial location that fills the room.

Now I don’t want to render too many particles that would spawn outside of the room.
How would this effect the performance if there are particles spawning out of view?

And another question, how would this be best optimized.

  • create a new particle system for every room with the initial location and spawn rate set to the room’s sizes?
  • create a particle system that’s big and just let it overlap smaller rooms.
  • create a 2x2x2(m) particle system and just fill up the rooms with these?
  • create a blueprint that would change the particle systems boundaries and initial location size to my choice of input. While only using a single particle system.

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