Best way for 3rd person character to pull things?

Hi everyone! I’m new to this engine (although I fell in love with it the instant I watched Zak’s tutorial videos :)) so please excuse me if I ask obvious questions.

I’m using the Third Person Template and am trying to make my character able to grab stuff and pull it around. I have tried three different approaches:

• Attach an actor to a socket on the “hand_r”-bone
• Grab with a PhysicsHandle whose location each tick is synced to the “hand_r”-bone
• Connect with PhysicsConstraint that’s a child to the character-mesh and has “hand_r” as Parent Socket

In addition to grabbing/attaching I also would like to simulate the arm to give it a dragging look. And I’m pretty sure this is what leads to the problem.

When I grab/attach another actor, it and the arm start flailing around, pushing the character around and making it next to impossible to move around properly (sometimes I even begin to fly…). I’m aware this could partly be solved by disabling collision but I would prefer that my character-mesh would still collide with the object it’s holding. Would it be possible to make it collide with the character mesh but without it applying any force? Or only disable collision on the hand?

Another reason for this I suspect is how the bones and constraints in the physic asset for the skeletal mesh is set up. I use the default you get from the “Create”->“Create Physics Asset” from the Skeletal Mesh. I have never animated before so rigging etc. is brand new to me which makes me uncertain. Therefore I thought that before I decide to dive into a whole new subject I’d ask around to see if I’m even on the right track with either of these approaches. :slight_smile:

If so, what do you think would solve this? If not, what would you recommend?

Blueprint of the socket version:

And the handle version:

And lastly the constraint version:

Anyhow, I must say I love this great community! There is always new things to learn from so many people willing to share their knowledge so thank you!

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