Best professional practice/way into making a 3d level? etc mansion

I used to make super simple boxy levels in unreal with only geometry box brushes (and a ton of them too) this of course, i believe is a waste of time and will eat up performance and rendering time. (Correct me if I am wrong or correct, because I don’t know)

I hear a lot about this modular/professional/standard way of doing things and apprantly. It is best to just create one single mesh of a house or building that is just one model and importing it to unreal.

I honestly don’t know the best way into making a 3d house that is both efficient and won’t eat up my performance or rendering times.

What are the standard professional ways of creating a 3d level like a mansion? Should I make it up with tons of box brushes? Or is there a professional or standard way of doing things I am missing out?


In terms of performace the fewer meshes you have the more efficant the material rendering is as there are fewer material calls. On the other hand if the mansion is made of many pieces then they are reusable wich saves ram. I guess depending on the detail(poly count) the optimal solution varies. If the poly count is not so high, and whats high, depends on platform, lighting, physics, collision detection etc. I would recommend making the mansion out of several pieces. Theres another advantage to that. If the mansion is one big piece the game has to calculate the entire thing on each frame as opposed to just the meshes that are visible at the moment.So if its a big mansion with alot of geometry u dont want the rendered to have to deal with everything every frame. Also you can keep your materials simpler with pieces. Then you dont need as many complex materials that contain multiple textures with more maps.Personally i would make it in pieces and trying to limit to one material per mesh. unless you trying to make a game with cutting edge graphics. This is especially important if the game will have more levels than just the mansion again because of reusability. The more “one use” pieces you have in you game the more assets you will need and the game size will grow.

So what from I understand. I should model in pieces my mansion. Like a wall and a door, which can be used again to create like a simple room

​​​​​​Like in this video: [TUTORIAL] Modular Building in UE4 - YouTube

Would you recommend unreal geometry brushes to make complex spiral stairs or things with curves like a table or would it be best to use Maya for all level creation purposes?

Why would you use the geometry brushes for?

I am new to this stuff, but I am learning

I make all assets in maya. UE isnt really meant for modelling i think. I use brushes for collision boxes sometimes and water. So for anything more complex than a box i use Maya. I also dont think u can UV map brushes, not sure about that tho. Ive only been able to apply materials to them.

Ah cool. Many thanks for the help and clearing up my mind
​​mind. By the way, besides from the official unreal engine documentation and video tutorials. Do you know any other good video tutorials on learning unreal engine that explains things really easily for a newbie?

Many thanks

Unfortanately not. I get all my info from the offical documentation and youtube, and of course the forum.

Ah alright then, YouTube is a great site for tutorials, many thanks for the help and take care :slight_smile: