Best practice, renaming StaticMeshActors that I got from Datasmith

When I import stuff with Datasmith, they might have long and unclear names.

  1. what is the best practice to batch rename a large amount of StaticMeshActors? Or should I not rename in Unreal, but in 3dsMax? How will UE react if I reimport after renaming in 3dsMax?
  2. When I rename an item (StaticMeshActor), I get an error message saying “The following packages where fixed up because they have soft references to a renamed object” - why do I get it? I don’t really understand the consequence.
  3. When I duplicate an object like the one above, and rename the copy, I don’t get the error message. If there are any references, shouldn’t it count for the copy as well?
  4. When I remove an object, I get a message “Actor XX is referenced by other Actors/Objects” - but not when I remove a copy of that oject. Why is that?