Best practice for controlling actors from outside of UE


I am working on my pet-project air sim.
Right now I am facing a design problem: what is more logical and suitable way for controlling actors on a scene (for example other planes or vehicles) via TCP packets?

I have a matlab server which controls some models and generates coordinates (latitude, longitude and height) and orientation. After generation, it sends tcp-packets containing this information.
On the Unreal side I have a client which takes those coordinates and orientation and applies them to the following actor.

Right now I have this design:
MyGamemode spawns MoveProviderController which waits for request for spawning a MoveProvider. MoveProvider is the client which receives coords and orientation and applies it to an actor (according it’s unique ID).

Are there any more clear variants or techniques for applying coords and orientation on actors? Or ways for controlling entities inside UE from outside?

P.s. MoveProvider can handle different Actors. I have MoveProviderController for the case, when I want to spawn multiple MoveProviders when, for example, If I have multiple sources for coordinates and orientation calculation.