Best place for Materials?

I’m just getting the hang of the engine and trying to complete a to scale model of my house in the editor as a personal challenge and learning process.

There doesn’t seem to be hardly any resources available from the get go unless I’ve missed something. I there any good free stuff out there for people new to the editor and help them along?

First, when you create the game project, check the sign “Add starter content” (or soemthing similair), the, use the marketplace to dowload free stuff, there are a lot of assets provided there, and you can later migrate them into your project.

Is it easy to migrate? So I load up my map, then with the downloaded extra content from the marketplace, I migrate it to my current game folder?

There is a ton of training videos :slight_smile:
For example:


You open up teh downloaded project, rightclick the folder you want to migrate, click migrate, and choose yours project content folder. That’s it.

Just open the marketplace projects - do a right click onto the assets/folders that you want to have - migrate - choose your project - ok :slight_smile:

Thanks guys got it working!

Ah, one more thing. After I’ve downloaded and migrated the files I want, can I then delete the original download (project)? Does it still keep the copies of the migrated files in the new context folder? I’m assuming it does.

Yes, it copies the files into your content folder.