Best method for location based damage?


I looked in the search feature for posts regarding location based damage, but couldn’t find anything. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on which method of generation is better?

Assuming you’re using the UE4 Mannequin you will have close to 60 bones in your skeleton, which if you remove the smaller ones you will still have about 20 that will get hit most likely. so I would need to clump them together to minimize code cost (I think).

assuming you want L-arm R-arm L-leg R-leg Torso and Head you would need to clump about 3 bones per arm, and 3 bones per leg, then 5 bones for the core.

Alternatively, you could attach collision boxes to each limb piece you would have your mesh in as few as 10 collision boxes (Less for a less realistic collision system).
The goal I’m trying to achieve is having the center mass deal “Lethal Damage” and have limb damage play a specific set of animation then result in a penalty to a variable of the character, walk speed, accuracy etc…

To my question:

Of these 2 systems which will be lower in code cost?, or is there a “better” third option I’m not aware of?

I will need this system to represent Both the player character and the NPC’s represented on screen.