Best method for creating an interior space.

Hey, I’m a fairly experienced 3D artist - but I’ve mainly worked on props, exterior locations and occasionally characters.

I’m currently working on a project that takes place almost exclusively indoors.

I’d love some advice on the best methodology for modelling these spaces. Originally I had modularity in mind, so I could easily re-purpose assets for a variety of different rooms etc.

However, with testing using the built in Unreal walls etc, I’ve noticed the very common issue of odd lighing caused by lightmass operating on separate threads with modular assets.

I took a look at the Realistic Rendering demo, and noticed how everything was modelled as one piece more or less (One floor mesh, a ceiling mesh etc.) however this was intended for archviz, and in that case, very high resolution light maps can be used in order to combat the large meshes. I’m unsure of the practicality of this for games.

I would love some advice from the more experienced users who have done more interior work.

Thanks in advanced!

If you’re having problems with the lightmass maybe you could set the static light to movable, then you wouldn’t have to build lighting?

Thanks for the reply. However, I intend to use lightmass for the accurate shadowing and global illumination.

Until we have a viable dynamic GI system, I don’t see myself going for dynamic lighting.

Kenomica, only practice will improve the seams you’re currently seeing. Also, using default UE4 meshes is in now way ergonomic, if you want to go modular, build your own modules so you know the spacing between your UV islands.
Given a high enough resolution and quality on your lightmaps and lightmass settings you might get away with as many adjoined flat surfaces but probably the best solution is to avoid seams between co-planar elements.

Your input is greatly appreciated , although I think there has been a misunderstanding.

I am using the default UE4 walls etc temporarily for a simple test map whilst in the process of designing the interior spaces, which I will create in Maya. I have no intention of using the engine assets for the final product, I am just trying to decide the best course of action for creating the space.

What I am asking is whether it is more viable to create modular walls and such, or to model the entire interior space in Maya and split it up (like in the Realistic Rendering demo) and which method would give the best performance to lightmap quality ratio.

I more noted those lightmass seams are a very common issue with modular assets, as Lightmass uses separate threads for separate objects and sometimes each modular piece will have a slight shadow/colour variation.

The link below is to a tutorial you may find relevant. Hope it helps!

That’s a very helpful tutorial, thank you. Some great knowledge for lightmaps for modular assets!