Best location for Reflection Captures

Hi, I’m pretty new to UE and getting my head around how best to use the various elements.

We want to show a room that has windows like on the attached plan - a series of vertical panels all at a slight angle and offset from each other. How best to place reflection capture probes? I’d assume using Boxes, and placing them how I’ve marked in red on the screengrab? Or would I need separate captures per glass plane?


Put a Box Reflection Capture in the Center of the Room and make it cover the whole room.
No need for multiple Captures

That simple? Thanks! I assumed I’d need to angle the faces of the boxes to match the angle of the glass - is that not so?

The capture is basically like a 360-degree camera snapshot that’s projected onto a cube. Objects inside the capture’s radius will have their reflections “faked” using the snapshot (cube map). So if you just want to reflect wall windows, the angle shouldn’t make much of a difference. But the cube should definitely encompass the entire interior of the room.