Best hardware for UE4 (1200-1400 USD)

Hello! I am totally new in game dev and i need a new PC for this.
But idk what hardware parameters are important for UE.
I want to buy PC for about 1200± USD. It would be nice to have 1TB ssd M2. But what else? AMD or Intel? which memory? etc/
Pls help)

rate this set up

You should do a search as this was asked a lot recently especially over Black Friday. But imo here’s a quick cheat sheet: Aim for no less than 16 GB Ram. Aim for no less than 1060 / 1660 / 2060 GPU… If you’re using dynamic lighting you have more flexibility as regards CPU… 1TB isn’t enough SSD for UE4 any longer (see here)…

But you can save on SSD by relying on external hard drives as needed… Some added things to consider… You will usually have at least 2 engine versions installed at the same time, and sometimes even 3 or more, due to new engine features or regression bugs etc… Plus, you’ll have 100’s of Gig’s of assets, maybe even Terabytes etc… Once installed these will bloat too, as cached versions expand in multiple places (both Vault and DDC etc)…

Graphics card is 75 % percent.