Best choices for Source Control and making it work in LAN for collaboration?


I need some help with the following situation. As background information, I have no knowledge of networks whatsoever, but need to get this to work anyway.

There will be 2-3 people working on the same UE-project, preferably at the same time. We have one PC that has an entire HD put aside for only UE projects. This PC will also be used for the project development. Other people will work in the same location with their own laptops/pc’s, in the same LAN, as the main PC. Whatever source control software we then use, needs to be run on that main PC as well.

What is the easiest solution for this kind of setup? I dabbled around with SVN, and it worked on the main PC where it was also running. When I tried to connect to it from the other PC’s on the same LAN, I got stonewalled by the sheer amount of errors, access denied-messages and such (and attempted to follow every “check this for help” –link that came with the error message, trying to fix issues related to firewall/mwi/permissions/users…).

Is it even possible to get this setup to work, while running the source control server on the main pc that is also used to work with the actual project, while other computers on the same LAN connect to it for the source control repository?

Thank you already in advance!