Best Blueprint video tutorial designer

Hey guys,

So I just wanted to give some promotion to a guy who’s really helped me a TON with learning blueprints and wrapping my head around programming after spending years working solely as an artist.

I don’t know Jonathan personally, but I have a subscription to digital tutors and he is literally the reason why I can do any kind of blueprint programming right now and why my current game project is progressing so well. I recently reached out to him online to thank him for the awesome tutorials he made and I found out that he’s no longer working with digital tutors and is now attempting to fly solo on Patreon.

He’s got some absolutely fantastic tutorials on DT where he walks you through absolutely everything you need to know for learning to code games, but not only that, he also explains the WHY behind everything which is super important for allowing you to learn faster.
Hopefully there will be some other people on the forums who can attest to the quality of his tutorials and I’d love to see more so I’m asking anyone who’s wanting to learn about blueprint programming to help support Jonathan on Patreon.

Some examples of his tutorials: