Best approach for Nebulus?


I thought about doint a remake of Nebulus. :slight_smile:
If you dont know it, see here:

Now I wonder what the best approach would be.
I want the game to be pretty much adhering to the original, but with 3D graphics.
So I thought about creating the character with the pivot offset to the center of the tower. Then when I rotate the character, it should circle around the tower.
When the camera does the same rotation and stays in line with the character and tower center line, it should give that illusion of the character standing still, while the tower rotates.

What I am currently scratching my head about is the movement of those molecules. If they hit the character, he is knowed down one floor…
However, they are always flying perpendicular to the camera.
Since in my approach, both, camera and character are moving in circles, I cant figure out the trajectory for the molecule to be able to hit the character but appear to fly in a straight line from one side to the other from the camera perspective…:confused:

Any ideas?:slight_smile: