Best approach for camera code from local to network multiplayer

Im doing a single cam game, where if multiple players are in the same game, they all share the same 1 camera.

I have some simple camera code in MyCharacter.cpp.

For single player, it just follows the character around, as normal.

Using the GameMode to get all Players, I was able to do some local multiplayer camera where it finds the “centre” between 2,3 or 4 players, and zooms in/out as they move apart.

When doing this online, it doesnt work and I’m unsure how I should approach this.

Currently MyCharacter has the Camera code, but should this be somewhere else?

If I keep doing what I’m currently doing, GameMode doesnt work for clients, so in their Camera code do I just say : “if not HasAuthority dont do anything”, then replicate the CameraLocation from Server to clients?

For anyone who comes across this, I just looped over AllPlayers and got their Pawn to do my camera calc for each “in level pawn”, in my Character class


So I’m not using any replicated variables over client/server. Not sure if this is the correct way to do it though ?