Being Hit Animation

I have been following Jayanam and other’s tutorials on and off for awhile. I set up the punch animation and it’s montage just fine, I have the collision where I want it, I have the timing at least somewhere to start tinkering.

But of course my EnemyBP mesh just stands there while the string prints out. I want him to react to being punched in the face.

My thought process was that I would have my reaction animation ready to go, and any time that the RightHandCollision component entered into the collision of the EnemyBP mesh, I would have the montage play.

If I use On Component Overlap, the mesh will play the montage when the two character meshes overlap, but when I try and tell it to only play the montage when the RightHandCollision overlaps, I get nothing.

Try RightHandCollision instead of Capsule Component on your Cast to EnemyBP, also check if your bool IsHitting? set to true.

Thanks, will do.