Being a Digital Nomad

Hi to all Nomads out there!

I just want to know how are you doing right now? How’s your work? Well, I hope we are all fine. But if there’s not, this community will serve you nicely! :wink: :smiley:

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Thanks for asking! it’s been hard but well, we are getting along :wink:

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Its been especially frustrating to be shut out of places that were an open door before (think Europe / Asia / Latam). Now its hard to fly anywhere! Technocrats have done an amazing job of shutting down International Travel. Yet most Covid infections are community based (98% versus 1-2% from travel). So basically populist policies designed to hit the rich / elite, have hit everybody including humble nomads.

But the most annoying part, is dealing with things like 3-day PCR testing because political interests killed off antigen testing. Along with the joys of pandemic Apps and QR codes, that don’t work properly as the uptake was never high enough. But yet you still have to jump through their hoops anyway or risk being stranded at border control somewhere. Then there’s the thorny issue of vaccine inequality, which means many cheaper nomad-friendly places could be a no-go area for up to two years to a decade.

Overall, Covid has led to pretty strange times. Will things ever be 100% normal? Probably, but its still too soon to say. See here & here

Hello. Work at the stage of thinking through the project. I would like to make a cool implementation and then make a minimum of edits.

Not being able to travel is terrible. It is even worse to stay at home during isolation. With work, too, everyone is not very happy - with the onset of the epidemic, he began to work on average two to three hours a day more. And I don’t feel joy in life. I still hope that the world will return to normal with vaccines, but every day my hope is diminishing.